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Specialized Treatment

Adrenal Support

This program supports the foundation of vitality and life force. Its focus is to strengthen the organs and glands that deal with stress. Benefits include: increase energy, decrease fatigue, and help the body to adjust during stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and balance moods



A simple herbal regimen that is very effective to combat acute allergies and support the immune system.  Learn more about food and environmental allergies as it relates to your body and how to prevent your allergies from flaring.


Bone Health

It is hard to know what kind of calcium to take and what factors can facilitate your body and its absorption. We have done the research for you and know how to help you keep your bones healthy.



Working with acupuncture, herbal formulas we can address emotional challenges naturally and effectively. Balancing the body with correct nutrition, the right combination of herbs and supplements enjoyment of life is within reach, without side effects!



Effective herbal remedies and supplements to make your digestion efficient.  Breakdown food and improve absorption of nutrients that are essential for organs and cell functions including adequate calcium absorption for bone health.


Gut Health

Designed to support gut health and digestion issues like bloating, gas, IBS, constipation all while improving nutrient absorption, immune system function and promoting healthy and balanced intestinal flora.


Heart Health

Our dietary guideline, along with medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements, can dramatically reduce your risk for heart disease. An innovative, non-drug approach to regulate your blood pressure and decrease inflammation, improve circulation and support your cardiac system and your whole body.


Immune System Boost

Supports and boosts the immune system during acute problems like colds, flu as well as stubborn chronic infections. It is a wonderful tool for disease prevention.  We utilize powerful herbs to correct and prevent a variety of issues related to the immune system.  Give it a try when traveling or during peak flu seasons to stay well!



Have trouble falling asleep or wake up often in the middle of the night? We offer options tailored to your specific sleep needs; utilizing herbal remedies to help you get to sleep and stay asleep, getting the rest you need and deserve.



Designed to support the body during the many internal and external changes of menopause.  Decreases the severity of the symptoms and slows down the natural aging process.


PMS/Menstrual Problems

An easy and gentle support to all the major glands that produce hormones and keep a female body balanced with supplements and simple food recommendations to bring about more ease and smoothness to your life, body and emotions.

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