Acupuncture is not magic, but it can produce magical results!

The wisdom of the body is infinite! Your body constantly communicates its needs; the magic of acupuncture is that it gives us the ability to listen for the imbalances and the tools to correct them utilizing and honoring the body’s innate healing ability. Acupuncture has proven to be very effective for thousands of years. Using a combination of the rich tradition of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, modern medicine and nutrition, we can help you to restore health and vitality.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is essential for a complete healing process and to rebuild the body. Clinical Nutrition is a therapy designed to address causes of deficiencies and correct them with proper nutritional support. A nutritional deficiency is a condition in which the essential nutritional factors are not available due to environmental factors, poor diet or mal-absorption. Our approach is to identify problem areas, assess causes of deficiencies and design individualized plan that include nutrition, herbal remedies and/or dietary supplements 

for optimum healing and repair of glands and organs in your body.

Nutritional Muscle Test

Imagine your body was able to tell you exactly what it needs and the most effective sequence in which you should address those needs; that’s what Nutritional Muscle Test allows your body to do. It's very precise, unique and it is most likely very different from anything you may have ever experienced before. It uses a deep understanding of the functioning of the body to determine where certain stressors lie in your body. The key is not to diagnose a disease and treat the symptom, but to identify the root problem, and allow the body to heal by supporting in the correct way.

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