"Acupuncture is not magic, but it can produce magical results!"

The wisdom of the body is infinite! Your body constantly communicates its needs; the magic of acupuncture is that it gives us the ability to listen for the imbalances and the tools to correct them utilizing and honoring the body’s innate healing ability. Acupuncture has proven to be very effective for thousands of years. Using a combination of the rich tradition of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, modern medicine and nutrition, we can help you to restore health and vitality.


Meditation practice allows you to create a pause in your busy life. It’s a way to step into a state of self-awareness and appreciation of all that surrounds you. “Many good things can come from our willingness to sit down in quiet stillness and breathe into our experience. That’s all meditation is.”

Schedule a private meditation session or contact us for group classes information. 

Weigth Loss

It's not about the weight, it's about healing. Our programs helps you to learn how to create a lifestyle to fit you. Eating healthily requires planning and organization. We help you do just that by offering a completely customized guide to meet your individual nutritional needs, food preferences and lifestyle. Being a clinical nutritionist and certified weight loss coach offers knowledge and guidance to help you with practical and easy meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. See our list of Programs for more details.


Yes, there are choices. With an exceptional track record we proudly offer this exciting alternative treatment.  We offer a cost-effective, non-invasive, holistic approach to fertility.  It honors the natural process and supports the body while creating positive results, even after the failure of other fertility treatments.  Don’t give up until you’ve tried this approach to making a family.

Don’t forget that we also treat the men. Supporting a healthy male for strong sperm production and mobility plays a crucial part in increasing fertility for the couple.

We also offer IUI and IVF protocol as prescribed by the Paulus et al – Fertility study.

Pregnancy & Labor Support

Your wellbeing and the health of your baby are the utmost importance. We offers very gentle, soothing and pleasant treatments to ensure that you’re providing the best for you and your baby right from the start. Providing specific care for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester. When the time comes, acupuncture is a great alternative to inducing birthing labor. It's safe and effective. It stimulates the body to naturally start the process towards birthing, giving you better chances of an easer, natural delivery without complications.

Remember, we also offer postpartum care for the new mom. 

Breast Cancer Support

Acupuncture supports the body during, and after cancer treatment.  Our focus to assist the body to stay strong during chemo and/or radiation treatment and beyond. It has a calming and balancing effect on emotions as well as improving coping ability.  Acupuncture can improve blood count, support immune system, and decreasing potential side-effects such as nausea, digestive disturbances, and neuropathy.  After cancer treatment, it assist the body to recover and reach a state of balance once again.  Maintenance treatments have also been found to improve prognosis and decrease cancer re-occurrence. 

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is not new. It’s more like a return to the “old ways” when practitioners treated the whole person, not just isolated symptoms. It is a patient-centered healing model. The Functional Medicine approach is to find and address causes of illnesses and also prevent diseases from manifesting at all. 

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